Green and Black

In the previous blog I talked about a few different kinds of teas like green and black, But then there are some other teas that seriously have some kind of strange magical power because they are that good. The thing is that as tea ages it becomes more and more expensive, and especially in China these really rare aged teas can be super expensive and up to $1,000 per gram, and that’s what I would call pretty ridiculously priced, but it’s got to be good if it costs so much.

The thing is that expensive aged tea is its whole different type of tea that stands alone as the upper echelon of all teas and is really the quintessential tea of all the drinks forms. So what we’re going to do throughout this article is go over into extreme detail the types of rare, expensive aged teas there are around the world


and what makes them so special amongst all the other tea in China and around the world.

Some of these teas are actually some of the most expensive teas in the world, but they are the most expensive teas in the world for a good reason, and that’s because they are extremely rare in nature and are now at such a low supply that price has been driven wildly up in order to supplant that crazy demand these expensive teas have created throughout rich populations in several cultures everywhere.

First let’s talk about tienchi flower tea, which is really expensive tea from China, but is a really popular type of tea all over the planet, and that’s partly because is a really healthy tea that helps with antioxidants and can help with common colds and allergies. It really is a natural home remedy that a lot of people in China use to help their families out, or at least the rich people in China use this tea as a home remedy not the poor people.


A kilogram of this tea costs around one hundred and seventy dollars, and that’s not even that expensive as compared to some of the tea we are about to discuss in full detail about very shortly.


Gyokuro is another really great expensive aged tea that also called sencha. It’s a type of green tea that looks really leafy and similar looking to ocean algae, but it’s not seaweed or marijuana, it’s just really good, expensive aged tea. This tea is from the Uji district of Japan and is known for being some of the best tea the country has to offer. This tea tastes different than any tea you’ve probably ever had in your entire life and it’s rich flavor is something that can treasured for years, if you have enough money. A kilogram of this tea costs around six hundred and fifty dollars so it’s not for chumps but only Japanese elites.