Pu-erh Tea

One of the rarest and most expensive teas in all of China comes from the Yunnan Province through the Poo Poo Pu-Erh Tea. Now this tea is not necessarily what you would think by its name, and it actually smells really great unlike what you’d probably think by its name, but it does have a weird look to it that kind of makes it look like chewing tobacco.

But it really is that good that you could get addicted to this tea like you would to a chewing tobacco, but it’s just a matter of preference as it is with all of these expensive teas, but everyone knows that the best tea in the whole world comes from China, it’s just a known fact, and the Poo Poo Pu-Erh Tea is definitely on the top brands of tea in the entire Chinese empire.

In a certain regard this tea is exactly what you would think it is when it says “Poo Poo” because it actually has small samplings of the feces of insects that are gathered by the tea collectors when they are preparing this tea, but that’s what makes it so good. So when you’re in China and you ask what’s in the tea, be prepared to hear some shocking answers. This tea is obviously a black tea, and although it may sound absolutely horrible tasting it actually tastes really good, and it also has some unbelievable healing qualities that you can’t find in most of the world’s tea that doesn’t have insect feces in it. When it comes down to it though this tea is only for the richest of the rich and it comes in at a price of around one thousand dollars per kilogram, which is some real cheddar that’s so sharp it might make you fart have to take a ‘poo poo’.

The next best and most expensive rare, aged tea in the world is another tea that comes from Asia, but it comes from a small Tea Estate in Darjeeling, West Bengal. This area of the world is pretty well known from Wes Anderson movies and other popular culture references and phrases, but it’s safe to say that this Darjeeling place is where some of the best tea in the entire world is grown and produced. The type of tea we’re talking about right now is called the Silver Tips Imperial Tea, and it has a really strange consistency that you should never really put into a bag but should drink loosely like all the best tea should be consumed.

This estate where the tea is grown and harvested is called the Makaibari Tea Estate, and a company called Luxmi Tea owns it. This is the world’s first tea plantation, and it is also a really incredible place with an unbelievable, calming atmosphere that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a yoga studio farm rather than a tea plantation where people work tirelessly for very low wages during hot summer days in Bengal, which is more than likely that reality of this estate. This tea isn’t necessarily as expensive as the others on this list but it is still rather expensive in terms of the types of tea that most of you are probably more accustomed to. This tea sells typically at four hundred dollars per kilogram, which to many would seem outrageous, but in terms of fine aged teas, this actually isn’t so bad of a price at all, and that’s just part of the philosophy at this Tea Estate, to keep prices somewhat affordable.