Tea Is A Worldly Commodity

When it comes to the best drinks and the most popular drinks in the world we have to consider tea as one of those options because for the most part tea is found all over the world and it definitely is healthy and gives people caffeine that they crave and like a lot, and it is pretty good and a great alternative to coffee that is way healthier. I think for the most part people are drinking coffee in today’s age because is definitely is really strong and has a strong effect on people right away while even the finest of teas will get you there and make you feel great they will still give you a more tranquil state of mind as opposed to fine coffees and that is a big difference between the two drinks that a lot of people like, and I know that for the most part we all should consider the facts that the world is made up of two types of people: coffee drinkers and tea drinkers.

For the purposes of this article we are primarily focusing on the tea drinkers of the world and what we are going to do is talk about the fine teas from all around the world, and we are also going to be talking about a good number of examples of fine tea that are definitely really popular and some of the most fine tea the world has ever known, and of course if you are a tea drinker then you definitely understand how important it is to know about some of the better brews of tea because you will be able to see that we are all a bunch of tea drinkers when it comes down to it and that is what everything that we do is all about, so let’s talk about some fine teas and inform you the reader about some of the finest tea in the entire world.

So one really classic British tea that is awesome and is definitely imported for centuries is PG Tips, and I think that when it comes to black tea this is definitely the type of tea that you will like a lot, and I think black tea is definitely really great, and of course a lot of fine tea is black because of how expensive it can get. But when it comes to British tea go for PG Tips and you definitely won’t be disappointed at all and it will give you a relatively great feeling as well.

Another really awesome fine tea from around the world obviously comes from China where a lot of the world’s best tea comes from, and this tea that we are going to be talking about I the Golden Monkey Organic Tea, and I’m really excited to tell you guys about this type of tea because it is actually have golden tea leaves that you put in your drink, and I’m serious when I say that the color of the tea leaves in this drink are gold, so come and get it while you can because Golden Monkey tea is seriously in high demand all of the time and it definitely costs a lot money because the teas gown and comes from Nepal, so that means you definitely know that it is special and unique as compared to other teas from around the world.

Now this next tea that we are going to talk about is definitely one of the finest teas in the world and it just so happens to be some of the most expensive tea in the world as well, and it just so happens that is called Panda dung tea, and when we mean Panda dung tea we really mean it because this tea is actually fertilized with Panda poop and that is something that is obviously very unique and makes it actually some of the most expensive and awesome tea the world has ever known, and of course it is only grown in China because where else could panda poo be cultivated for tea, and this is why China is such a unique and weird place.

But yes, the world is a weird place sometimes and the tea in this world can definitely be really fine if you look in the right places, so I do encourage all of you to go find out which fine teas are best for you.

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