The Best Tea

There’s just something about tea that is just synonymous to comfort and tranquility, it’s really the drink of the gods and is so much better than coffee could ever be. Coffee gives me this jittery feeling that I can’t control and it also makes me get somewhat addicted really quickly and it makes my teeth look yellow after awhile, and that’s why I quit a long time ago and switched solely to tea. Tea is such a different type of drink that still gives you the great caffeine energy that you need to get through a day of work without the after effects. Put it this way, if I drank a couple of cups of coffee I wouldn’t want to go on a run for a little while, but if I drank a couple cups of tea I would have no problem going on a run. So why is there even this strange debate about which is a better morning drink when there is one drink that slows you down physically and one that is much healthier and better?

I see coffee and cigarettes going together and tea and marijuana going together, and anyone who is actually an intelligent being would know that the ladder is not only more fun and better, but is much healthier as well.

Tea is just so easy to make and prepare on a quick schedule and is a great way to start any morning off without the hassle and waiting that goes into something like brewing coffee. Also, tea is the type of drink that goes well at any time of the day it doesn’t necessarily have to be morning, but tea really is the type of drink that makes someone feel absolutely content no matter what time of the day, and that’s something that can necessarily be said for caffeinated coffee.

So tea is by far better than coffee, but then once you distinguish that obvious fact then it’s time to narrow down which teas are the very best, and that can be a lot easier said than done, but because we’re going to be discussing tea for this entire article there will be no problem with going over all the types of tea and what makes them unique.

First let’s talk about green tea, which can come in a whole variety of different ways, but it definitely is a yellowish hint and it’s very soothing tasting. It doesn’t have as much caffeine as other forms of tea so it’s a much more chill version of tea that makes you feel good and awake, but not too jittery and full of caffeine. It’s strong but it’s more of a relaxing style of tea.

Then there’s black tea, which includes very famous brands like Earl Grey and other English Breakfast teas. Black tea is the type of tea that makes you feel like you got jolted with bolt of lightning and it really does look a lot darker than green tea when it’s in your cup. It has a much bolder taste than green tea, but it’s still pretty good. It’s definitely not as soothing as a green tea, but it has more of a punch in flavor and intenseness where it lacks in soothing powers.